Dave The Bastard


Jas aka ‘Dave The Bastard’

Dave The Bastard

Dave The Bastard loves anything that’s a bit on the dark side and has a penchant for all things Rock & Roll, Blackwork and Trash Polka style tattoo designs. This comes through in everything from his dark oil painting, graphic design and his Blackwork and Trash Polka style tattoos.  A veteran of design with over 20 years experience in creative industries ultimately led him to his real passion; Chocolate Tattooing.  

His Rum Fuelled designs will not disappoint, offering a fresh and unique perspective and a different approach to traditional tattooing.

Jas works digitally and so you’ll usually get a chance to see your tattoo as a completed design before you commit to adding it to your skin.  His preference is for Blackwork and Trash Polka style tattoos and always works with a chilled out vibe.

10% Discount offered for all NHS practitioners – will also work for Chocolate and Rum.

A FREE consultation beforehand is advised so that we can discuss the design and advise on the number of sittings required to complete the tattoo.

To book in with Jason for a consultation, please email him on or contact us via the form here.

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Check out his gallery below:

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