Tattoo Gift Vouchers

You can now buy our popular Tattoo Gift Vouchers directly from the website using PayPal or directly from the shop.

Once the checkout process has completed your voucher is sent as a unique code to your email address.

Bring in your phone and show the email to apply the amount to your bill.  Easy!

Our Vouchers are currently available in 3 denominations; £25, £50 and £75.

To purchase your voucher, select the desired amount and follow the on-screen instructions below.

Chameleon Tattoo Gift Vouchers – Give somebody a gift for life :).

Gift Voucher £25.00 GBP

Gift Voucher £50.00 GBP

Gift Voucher £75.00 GBP

An easy way to set aside money for your next tattoo or to buy somebody that much appreciated gift to go towards their deposit.

From the New Year we’ll be giving away ‘Golden Tickets’.

In each batch of 100 vouchers (per value) there will be one randomly selected voucher that will be worth double the price. Pay as little as £70 for a two hour £140 session!!!